Home of Hope - An introduction

Ruth Richards and Evelyn Terry met first in Romania in 1991.  They were sent by YWAM to help with much-needed improvements in the two Focsani Orphanages and visits continued at intervals through following years. 

Normally, when the children reached seven years they were transferred to an educational institution but those with HIV infection were refused admission.

The orphanage Director engaged a teacher for this group of boys and girls but hope for future life in the community was very bleak.  As Ruth and Evelyn discussed the situation with the Director, they felt that they should explore possibilities of providing a more normal home for them.


These needs were made known to Churches, schools and friends across England and funds were generously given to buy and refurbish a house in Focsani.  The work was done by Florin and Hajnal Nedelcu and local Church members and later Florin and Hajnal became Foster Parents.  Their friends Emil and Alina Leru with their baby son Filip, later joined them.

In December 1999, thirteen wildly excited children were admitted in two family groups; six cared for upstairs by Alina and Emil and seven downstairs with Hajnal and Florin.  The teacher came from the orphange each day; a nurse to administer medication and a cook for each family.


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