Women Without Roofs - Nepal

A family from Dayspring, The Townsends, spent two years living in Nepal when they were sent there with the British Army.  Whilst there, Anna Townsend met a missionary called Eileen Lodge and together they set up a charity to benefit destitute women.  Women Without Roofs (WWR) is a charity based in England that benefits women and their families living in Nepal.



The charity runs a sewing and literacy course in north Kathmandu and Dayspring is supporting the women by providing a tailoring shop so that the graduates from the course can use their skills, gain confidence and get some experience.  Here are some photos of the shop:




At Christmas 2009 Dayspring members did not buy Christmas cards for each other and instead donated the money they would have spent on them to buy a new sewing machine for the sewing project WWR supports - Thank you so much!


To find out more please take a look at the charity's website.

Anna Townsend, 19/07/2010